Dear Alumni, Friends and Family of the RHO Chapter,

With the Academic Year quickly approaching the RHO chapter needs our help. Fortunately, many young alumni were able to get together a week ago in Boston, and undergraduate brothers were able to do the same at convention in Fort Lauderdale. In collaborating ideas, the undergraduates and alumni would like to propose a RHO Chapter Sponsorship challenge. This challenge has a goal to raise $1,500 by the beginning of the school year to help the chapter with Fall Rush and other events going on throughout the year. With these funds, the chapter will be able to have their strongest rush and largest pledge class since the re-founding in 2009, it is highly likely by the end of this year that there will be 40 undergraduate brothers of the RHO Chapter should we hit this goal and have our brothers execute on a great year.

If you prefer to donate via check please mail to…

Alpha Epsilon Pi
34 Lower College Road
South Kingstown, Rhode Island, 02881


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