Chapter Leadership

Leadership of URI Alpha Epsilon Pi

While all members of the chapter are part of the leadership in one way or another, there are six members who insure that the chapter is running smoothly. This group is known as the executive board.

Master: Noah Gilbert

Role: The Master is the president of the chapter. He oversees all aspects of the fraternity. He works with both the university, national organization and the surrounding community to ensure the success of the chapter. He oversees the executive board, and directs all chapter meetings.


Lieutenant Master: Mike Bennett

Role: The Lieutenant Master is the Vice President of the chapter. The Lieutenant Master oversees the minor board and looks out to insure that all internal affairs of the fraternity are in order.


Scribe: Andrew Gerenz

Role: The Scribe is the secretary of the chapter. He takes minutes during meetings, updates the constitution and bylaws of the chapter, works with the alumni chair to develop newsletters, and with the media chair on social media.


Exchequer: Scott Messing

Role: The Exchequer is the treasurer of the chapter. He along with the Master plans the budget for the chapter and insures that the chapter is spending money appropriately. He is responsible for collecting dues and processing any incoming or outgoing expenses.




Rush: Jack Gregorman

Role: The Rush Chairmen is the most important position in the chapter. His job is to direct rush and oversee the rush committee. He plans all rush events and insures that the chapter executes on its recruitment goals. Even while rush is not occurring he still looks for new prospective members to join the chapter.









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